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Chronology of the Past History

1 – – – An Idea – Born from a Moment – Becomes Reality – – – At that time I still had been in a phase “in which I was engaged in recovering from a total collapse”. As my power reserves had fallen flat, I had been reduced on activities, which had established me into the here and present. But this situation of mine had also leaded me to deal with Indian body of thought at this time. One day it happened that the idea of wanting to cooperate with Indian artists once had spontaneously come over my lips somehow. And the person who had heard this was Margaret Hetrick. At that time, she still lived in Germany; her original native country is Texas / USA. She has spent her childhood and youth there and – when becoming a teenager – she had had an intensive phase of having a good look at the philosophy of life of the original Indian societies as well as at the destiny of the Indians. That is why my “brainwave” in this respect fell on fertile land! I had flung a seed to the world and could watch now how it ripened slowly: An enthusiasm which had seized the complete group “Quintum” had been the result of two respectively personal motives of each from us both! The name “Quintum” stood for the five founder members: Margaret Herting (today Hetrick), Christa Höting, Heinz Hugel, Renate Hugel and Roland Schneeweiss). – – – At the same time the circumstances of Margaret had changed what had given the impulse to a new desire to her: She had taken into consideration to return again to the USA to Texas. And this required organizational groundwork and thus also some flights to Texas. Margaret used these opportunities to fill Native American artists with enthusiasm about our idea of a meeting with the support of Linda S. Poolaw (Delaware / playwright, photography, curator and educator). – – – And so it happened that an idea – born from a moment – had become reality! – – – Renate Hugel

72__1998_Ren_ 001          72_margaA2_ 001

Left Photo: Renate Hugel in contact with elementary, like the rootedness of the plant world with the ground: “The collapse had flung out me from my world which I had worked out! I had therefore been forced by my own nature to investigate my own roots.”  – – – Right Photo: Margaret Hetrick in thought on her further life. Radical change lies ahead and makes her thoughtful. – – – Renate Hugel

72_Raku-Heinz_ 001 72_1998_VW_Sm-atlr_001

1998: Summer Studio of the Group “Quintum”: “A Raku –  Weekend” / Leadership: Heinz Hugel – – – A Raku – Symposium took place, at this weekend. Whoever had could bring along self-made works of clay which were already burned once. The second burning of the ceramics was intended to be carried out now with the Raku – Technology  (originally coming from Japan). Necessary preparations for the fire had been, to collect nature materials such as leaves (see: photo in the wood). – – – Left Photo: Heinz Hugel covers the glowing clay forms with the collected plant material to start the process of the diminution. – – – Right Photo: In conversation (from left to right: Elke L.**, Christa, Uta (guest), Willi (at that time still guest) and Roland. – – – ** The name is changed on request – – – Renate Hugel

II) Attempting an Encounter: 2000: Native American Artists – European Artists – – – Project, Symposium, Exhibitions – – – In Summer 2000: Five Native American Artists meet five European Artists – Attempt of an Encounter in Bremen under the above motto: Symposium: Working together in the gallery then „pro art“, Bremen, and in the „Studio on the meadow“, Rotenburg / Wümme: July 15th until August 12th, 2000. – – – Exhibitions: 1) Kapitel 8 (Chapter 8), Protestant Information Center, Bremen – – – 2) Gallerypro art“, Bremen – – – 3) Gallery Popolo, Bremen (Each at the time of the end of July and in August 2000)

The persons involved had been the members oft he group „Quintum“ and our Indian guests: Ronald Anderson (Apache), Painter and sculptor of Gracemont, Oklahoma / USA, Sherman Chaddlesone (Kiowa), Graphic artist, painter, sculptor of Anadarko / Oklahoma, USA, Kelly Church – together with daughter Cherish (Kelly Ch: Ottawa / Chippewa), Painting, sculpture / Michigan / USA, Jereldine Redcorn (Caddo), Caddo – ceramics of Norman, Oklahoma / USA and: Margaret Herting today: Hetrick (Quintum), Editor, photographer, painter / 2000 still: Germany, today: Texas / USA, Christa Höting* (Quintum), Painter, ceramics of Bremen / Germany, Heinz Hugel (Quintum), Sculptor, ceramics of Bremen / Germany, Renate Hugel (Quintum), Creative of Bremen, Germany, Elke L.** (Quintum), Textile artist, painter of Bremen / Germany, Roland Schneeweiss* (Quintum), Graphic, painter, sculptor / 2000 still: Rotenburg / Wümme / Germany, today: Bulgaria.

* The so labeled artists had left the project later. Roland Schneeweiss had changed his life center and also had pursued his own aims.- – – ** The name is changed on request.

As an unexpected guest Cherish had come along, Kelly Church’s at that time approx. 12-year-old daughter. She has brought herself in her way with staying power and dedication with creations of her own into the group.

Another exhibition took place at the end of the year: (After our Native American guests had departed already for a long time): Pictures of an Encounter – – – 26th of November 2000 – 7th of January 2001 – – – Place of the Exhibition: „kleine werkstatt und galerie am postmoor“, Bremen (“small workshop and gallery at the post bog”, Bremen) – – – Renate Hugel

III) Return Visit in Oklahoma – – – 2001: Native American Artists – German Artists – – – Project, Symposium, Exhibitions – – –  A return visit in fall 2001in Gracemont and surroundings / Oklahoma – – –  Exhibitions: 1)Rose State College, Oklahoma City – – – 2) Tribes Gallery, Norman, Oklahoma* – – – 3) Heaven, Carol Whitney’s gallery in Gracemont, Oklahoma  – – – * It had been a great honor for us having been allowed to exhibit for once in the “Tribes Gallery“ though we were non – Native Americans!

The persons involved had been our hosts and the members of the group „Quintum“: Ronald Anderson (Apache – Indian), Painter and sculptor of Gracemont, Oklahoma / USA, Sherman Chaddlesone (Kiowa – Indian), Graphic artist, painter, sculptor of Anadarko / Oklahoma, USA, Jereldine Redcorn (Caddo – Indian), Caddo – ceramics of Norman, Oklahoma / USA and: Willi Griephan (Quintum) of Bremen, Germany, Margaret Herting today: Hetrick (Quintum), Editor, photographer, painter / 2000 still: Germany, today: Texas / USA, Christa Höting* (Quintum), Painter, ceramics of Bremen / Germany, Heinz Hugel (Quintum), Sculptor, ceramics of Bremen / Germany, Renate Hugel (Quintum), Creative of Bremen, Germany, Elke L.** (Quintum), Textile artist, painter of Bremen, Germany

Unfortunately, Kelly Church and her daughter Cherish could not organize a journey from Michigan. For Roland Schneeweiss it had been not possible either to come along. – – –  Renate Hugel

IV: Works of Art done by Indian Artists – – –  Place of the Exhibition: Dübbekold in the Göhrde – – – Seminar house under Joachim’s and Kerstin Irmer’s management (In the middle of a woodland; removed from Hamburg for about 1 hour’s drive) – – – One quotation of Joachim Irmer:Since 1990 I organize seminars for American and Canadian Natives, which in Dübbekold events give and perspiring hut ceremonies make here with us… The European sun dancers and supporter prepare for their sun dance with us with the fall and spring periods of fasting. I then still conduct the monthly perspiring huts which are open to all interested ones…” – – – The works of art of the Indian artists were presented in the seminar house from fall 2003 until March 2004. – – – Renate Hugel

V: The members of Quintum saw their engagement ended hereby from there. To complete the whole, Willi Griephan had suggested, to present the work results of the project on a web – side. Since my husband and I were outvoted numerically, we have participated in this completion – work (see links). – – –  2006: Renate und Heinz Hugel: Separation from the group of Quintum – – – Remark: Margaret Hetrick had been staying in Texas already for a long time and was put in professionally. That is why we had not been in contact, either. Of course she had been disappointed to hear how everything has developed. Simultaneously she had been glad that I wanted to maintain the contact and looked for starting-points for cooperation; about also this, that my husband Heinz had promised me his support. – – – Renate Hugel – – – 2007: Renate Hugel: Foundation of the art – project „Art-in-connection“ (1st version) – – – 2009: Renate + Heinz Hugel organize a great exhibition (mainly with works of the Indian artists*) in the town hall of Wildeshausen / Germany – – – * Margaret Hetrick, Renate and Heinz Hugel were represented with some few works of art. Exception: Carol Whitney (from Gracemont, Oklahoma) was represented just as often as the Indian artists. – – –  2011: Renate + Heinz Hugel organize together a small exhibition in the Studio House of Grambke (Bremen / Germany).  Works of art done by the Native American artists* had been shown. – – – * Renate and Heinz Hugel were represented with one single artwork, each. – – – 2011: The ProjectStories – Told at the Fire“ had been brought into being by Joachim Burkhardt, Jochen Richter and Renate Hugel. – – – 2013: Renate Hugel had started altering her homepage „Art-in-Connection“ by including her meanwhile entered „Art Paths“ into the representation. – – – Renate Hugel