Meeting Sherman Chaddlesone


2000: “Attempting an Encounter” – – – Indian artists – German artists – – – Project, symposium, exhibitions – – – The portrait above shows Sherman Chaddlesone during an address on the exhibition opening in the gallery pro art, Bremen. – – – A „Déjà-vus“ and a Surprise in the „Overseas Museum Bremen“! – – – Sherman Chaddlesone had come to Bremen in the year 2000 in the context of a symposium (carried out by Indian and German artists). Bremen has taken all guests well but Sherman Chaddlesone had felt particularly connected: We had made available a house to live in it for our guests. From there they could go to main station by train and it had been not very far to reach the gallery pro art in the “Neustadt”, which existed still at that time. When he had arrived at the central station Bremen for the first time, he had had a “Déjà-Vu” as he had told us! The scenery (main station Bremen) had been somehow familiar to him. – – – In addition: The Indian artists have done many undertakings in their free time and have shown curiosity about Bremen and surroundings. One of their plans had been to visit the “Overseas Museum Bremen”. And there it had been that Sherman Chaddlesone had discovered an object from the possession of his grandfather! – – – / – – – To this I would like to note the following: Sherman Chaddlesone has great interest in historical connections. In his art it is the graphic work, like also prints for which he very exactly investigates in order to be able to portray objects of the past or present time so that  their cultural meaning and/or way of operation like also their visual portrayal is so correct that his prints are a documentation or representation of the past. So his eye is trained in this regard, he has as well an enormous historical knowledge. – – – Actually, besides his artistry – Sherman Chaddlesone is engaging himself in working out the phylogeny of his own tribe: He has worked on a very ambitious project – as he says – up to his illness currently: In cooperation with the university and other institutions it should be cleared up how it happened that the Kiowa Indians finally arrived in Oklahoma of Canada, their original native country. Primary it is all about doing from “the view of one’s own”, “being able to define own assessments of historical facts”. With other words: Consolidating self-confidence with self-determination in thinking. – – – The aim of the project is producing a film from the won knowledge. – – – Within younger years whereas, Sherman Chaddlesone had dealt with the pictorial representation of legends of the early Kiowa Indian ancestors handed down verbally. Large-sized oil paintings of approx. 2.50 m height had been the result on which the genesis of the human existence is to be seen from view of the Kiowa ancestors. During our return visit in Oklahoma in the year 2001 we have gone to the “Southern Plains Indian Museum” in Anadarko and could look at these gigantic works of art. – – – / – – -Who would like to learn more about Sherman Chaddlesone, can ask on the following internet addresses: – – – Renate Hugel

72_2000_Sympos_Sh_img894    72_2000_Sherm_img895

These photos had been made during the symposium in Bremen (Germany) in the year 2000: “Attempting an Encounter” – – – Indian artists – German artists – – – Project, symposium, exhibitions – – – Left photo: Sherman Chaddlesone, working – – – Right photo: Some work results of Sherman Chaddlesone – – – Renate Hugel

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