Recovery – Wishes for Sherman Chaddlesone

Note to: A Good Recovery for Sherman Chaddlesone!

 I would like to inform everyone who had followed the recovery wishes for Sherman Chaddlesone of my husband and me about the following:  The contribution on hand: “A Good Recovery for Sherman Chaddlesone!” Sherman Chaddlesone still had been able to be aware of it. His daughter Shawndae had written to me that a smile darted over his face at reading and looking of the recovery wishes, like also the picture contributions – in view of the evoked memories.    Renate Hugel

A Good Recovery for Sherman Chaddlesone!


Sherman Chaddlesone (Kiowa Indian from Anadarko / Oklahoma) suffers from a serious illness since quite a long time and has to fight with a heavy relapse currently. Hereby, from Bremen in Germany my husband (Heinz Hugel) and I (Renate Hugel) would like to wish himalso in the name of many of others, which had got to know him or had come into touch with his art in various exhibitions  a good recovery of a whole heart! – – – The Recovery Wishes Follow: Bafuß, alias Jochen Tiemann – – – („Museumsdirektor“ + artist, Bissenhausen) – – – Christine Blenkle (Bremen) – – – Lilo Brandenburg (Bremen) – – – Angelika Bruns (artist, Bremen) – – – Joachim Burkhardt (teacher, Bremen) and the „School at the Landskronastraße“ (a Bremen elementary school) – – – Susanne Dreyer (Bremen) – – – Gabriele Gulizar Aydin (Bremen) – – – Heidemarie Herm-Wehner (town planner, Bremen) – – – Helmut Heydemann (Delmenhorst near Bremen) – – – Margaret Hetrick (journalist,Texas) – – – Doerte Hoedoro (Designer and illustrator, Bremen) – – – Karin Krampe (Bremen) – – – Jochen Richter (Fischerhude near Bremen) – – – Heidrun Siebeneicker (Syke near Bremen) – – – Renate Schiemann (Bremen) – – – Sonja Schnare (Bremen) – – – Lilo Schrader (Bremen) – – – Gustav Tilmann (Bremen) – – – Andreas Volesky (Bremen) and the Studiohaus Grambke (Bremen) – – – Rolf Wienbeck (Bremen) – – – As well as many others which are not called by name here! – – – Renate Hugel

One thought on “Recovery – Wishes for Sherman Chaddlesone

  1. Shawndae Chaddlesone

    Hello Heinz and Renate!

    I just wanted to thank you for posting this tribute to my dad. I had a good insight on his trip to Germany. I love all of the pictures and the poem really touched me! I will pass on all of these well wishes to my dad today when I see him. Again Ah-ho!! Shawndae, daughter.


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