Art has woven a Tender Gauze

72_Artwoven_img929Renate Hugel: Art Has Woven A Tender Gauze – – – – Series: „Falls of Fold” – Gouache, watercolor painting colors, collage with different papers, among others tissue paper (In behind with lyrical text fragment of Renate Hugel) – – – 23×38 cm in a frame of 40×60 cm – – – 2000                                       (Arisen during the symposium time: „Attempting an Encounter“).

Text fragment behind the picture: Art has woven a Tender Gauze – – –  Art has woven a tender gauze…  There has been a time coming together, working together, laughing, speaking, eating together…  And an atmosphere developed of creative abound, urging to be expressed and to come into reality – – –  Pictures have been created, telling about our thoughts – – –  And art has woven that tender gauze…  Renate Hugel, 2000

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