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Under one Roof


Renate Hugel:  Under one Roof – – –  Mixed Technology / 29,5 cm x 41,5 cm / 2013

Under one Roof

Inside – Outside – – – only seperated by a membrane – – – same as an eardrum – – – conducts vibrations – – – from outside to inside – – – from inside to outside

Inside – Outside – – – the membrane „tent wall“ protects – – – connects all roofs nevertheless – – – by its permeability – – – Sharerd privacy – – – the ego lives through the us-feeling

Inside – Outside – – – the membrane promises safety – – – but split-second – – – we leave it today – – – with a mouse click only – – – and expose ourselves into a jungle… – – – of thoughts and intentions! – – –                                       Renate Hugel

Art Touches Art – 1

72_Ron5Germ5Ind_018_15Ronald Anderson: “Five Germans, Five Indians” (Acrylic on canvas; 140×100 cm; 2000)

 „Art Touches Art – 1

 The first days of the symposium in the year 2000 had passed. Our Indian guests and we, the group of “Quintum”, had got used to the work. Everybody had his place in the spacious gallery “pro art” – but also a concern of one’s own to express oneself. Therefore, it developed early a being curious about the results of one’s own but also about those of the others.… – – –  On these first days we were not complete yet. We expected now Ronald Anderson (a member of the Chickasaw Tribe out of Tishomingo Oklahoma*), at that time from Gracemont, Oklahoma). He could arrive from any reason only later. The one which had taken on the responsibility for the personal interests of our guests was Margaret. She asked us, my husband and me, to drive her with the car to the airport. And, little time later, we could welcome Ronald Anderson! – – – Together it went direction gallery. There Ronald had established himself just after the general welcoming on his place already prepared and began to paint as if he had already been eternal with us. – – – He did not know any jetlag apparently although already in the aged age. And for heating up he painted small inventions of different topic on this first day.

72_ARonworkpl_img901His work got bigger and bigger later. So big, that he preferred it, manufacture the canvas in a stable rustic way. – – – The work mentioned above has the extents 140 x 100 cm. It shows five Indians, the face hidden behind masks. Above on the left (according to our way of “reading”: at the beginning) a fair-haired woman with white skin is sitting enthroned there. As Ronald Anderson told us to this, this fair-haired woman represents Margaret. Since she had made possible this meeting, Ronald thanked her with that. – – – Anderson gave his work the title “Five Germans, five Indians”. The rest of the group, then “Quintum“, seemed not to exist on the first look. But, five substance shreds can be noticed with the colors black, red and gold. This means: “we” hide behind these flag shreds! “We” are “still” nameless and faceless for the Indians, just like puzzle parts of that whole which is called Germany, symbolized by the German flag by Ronald Anderson. In return the five Indians hide their faces behind masks. Also they are face- and nameless: No matter to which tribe they belong, everyone is represented in the same way. Ronald Anderson imagines in my opinion into our position with that. As well as we are “the Germans” from the view of the Indians, our guests as “the Indians” also appear to us. And both positions are undifferentiated. Among others, it is the concern of this symposium to change this.… – – – Well, Ronald Anderson is an artist who can sovereignly handle brush and color. Also he has a remarkable looseness in the brushwork and can use colors very in detail. – – – For his painting “Five Germans, Five Indians” he chose, however, the striking way of painting: I think that he supports his opinion with this visual counterpart to the “striking prejudices” in an excellent manner. – – –  Interpretation: Renate Hugel

Note: * See to this on HOME  „Remark to Ronald Anderson“of the 24th 07th 2015