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“Art Touches Art – 4“

– Cherish Parrish –


Cherish Parrish (today: Cherish Nebeshanze Parrish)

 Kelly Church had brought along her at that time approx. 12 years old daughter Cherish (from Hopkins in Michigan/the USA). Of course, we had established a work-table for her as well so that she had opportunity to bring herself in, in her own way… – – – Cherish astonished all of us with her unobtrusive behavior. She took back herself, e.g. did not demand attention and devoted herself to the challenge to work put alone on herself over a period of almost four weeks daily for several hours, to set herself targets of one’s own and to bear phases of the “neutral” for example after having completed a work.… – – – This is already an excellent performance which earns respect! – – –  Cherish did not seem to be in lack of ideas apparently! She always invented something which she wanted to try out or a thematic, of which she wanted to be challenged.  And, if she had the need to talk about her work with somebody, she did this only when the situation permitted it. This means that she had already the necessary sensibility and attentiveness to be aware of work processes, like also empathy for this. – – –  Because: Our common work “in concentration” and “in a being one with our own art-actions”, this produced a special atmosphere. It was natural for Cherish to respect this and to suit her own behavior to this! – – – Of course Cherish also had been inspired by us. So she sought suggestions, e.g. at her mother Kelly Church. One of her (Kelly’s) acryl pictures on canvas on which she painted something from the legends of her Anishnabe-ancestors, showed a bear. The photo below shows Cherish’s version. At her abstract experiments (on the photo besides the bear) Cherish had let herself apparently be inspired by Christa Höting and me. This fact also may be considered as a symptom for it that “abstraction” – among others – had been a topic in our conversations under all of us… – – –  No question! The clay also exerted an attraction on Cherish! She had finally addressed Jereldine Redcorn and asked her for some clay. What then Cherish had let arise from this can be seen on one of the lower photos.… – – –  In addition some of her pictures can just be seen on the photos below: They show what a sure feeling Cherish already had for color, rhythm and composition! – – – The picture “Teddy Bear – Mobile” is an example for inventions Cherish had done of her own. Finally she had dedicated this picture to me, a thank-you for a wonderful time! This had touched me very much.… – – –  The planned exhibitions had now soon been lying ahead meanwhile (see to this “Chronology of the Past History II”)… Cherish as well could arrange an exhibition of her own! The photos below are showing a small part of this.… – – – Renate Hugel


Cherish Parrish (today: Cherish Nebeshanze Parrish) – – – Composition of some of her works from the year 2000.


Working atmosphere during the Symposium – Time: The photo shows Cherish being in conversation with a guest. From behind on the left in the picture forwards on right: Kelly Church, a guest, Cherish Parrish, Roland Schneeweiss, Margaret Hetrick and Jereldine Redcorn ) Note: The photo shows approximately a third of the complete room merely.

72Krmk_000016    72dklBr_img898

Left Photo: Work traces of Cherish and her ceramic creations after ideas of her own – – – Right Photo: Cherish Parrish: “Teddy Bear – Mobile” with her dedication to me (“To Renate from Cherish Parrish: Thanks for the great time. I’ll remember it forever!”)

72Abstr_img898     72BrSp_img898

Left Photo: I gave the picture of Cherish the title „Experimental Abstraction“/ Right Photo:  This work of Cherish shows a bear following footprints. – – – Renate Hugel