The Memory of Sherman Chaddlesone

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Picture Details: Renate Hugel:  „The Memory of Sherman Chaddlesone“  – – – Pencil drawing on transparent paper; behind this a part of a photo*, 16 x 25, 5 cm, 2014 – – –  * Part from a photo taken during the Kiowa Black Leggings Ceremony nearby Anadarko, Oklahoma, 2001

One year is last: The day of death of Sherman Chaddlesone (June 2nd 1947 – August 17th 2013) comes up again with August today’s 17th, 2014! We, Renate und Heinz Hugel, think of the mourning of his next relatives on this sad memory day: Allie Chaddlesone (widow), Shawn Dae (daughter), as well as also all other family members! – – –  I, Renate Hugel, have formed this portrait in memory of Sherman Chaddlesone. The teepee which had been built up next to the dance floor for the Kiowa Black Leggings Ceremony can be seen in the background of my pencil drawing on transparent paper. Shades of other participants can be seen in front of the teepee.  This is a part of a photo which I had taken there in the year 2001. I would like to remind with that as the care of the old traditions had been importantly to Sherman Chaddlesone and as he had engaged himself very much through this for the receipt of the contact to the tribe ancestors! – – – It had been also important for Sherman Chaddlesone at the same time that his wife Allie Chaddlesone as a dancer could regularly take part in the annual events of her tribe. Allie Chaddlesone is an enrolled member of the Kootenai tribe. Her husband Sherman always accompanied her for the annual dances to Montana / Idaho so that she could take part in the traditional medicine dances of her tribe there in the mountains! Renate Hugel

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