Remark to Ronald Anderson:


Ronald Anderson, 2000 – (Bremen, Germany)

Remark to Ronald Anderson:

Whoever has read my contributions under “Art Touches Art” from the beginning will be surprised that there has been a change to Ronald Anderson (R. A.) (Native American Artist) regarding his tribe membership. I would like to explain this here briefly:

I had completed “Art Touches Art – 19”, 19, Ronald Anderson’s niece Cynthia Adams has asked me to change the tribal membership of her uncle. She writes to this:

He is NOT Apache (we know now that this) was cited incorrectly in one of the books that he’s been referenced in / he doesn’t remember which one started the Apache referencing – but it was an error…
He is Chickasaw, Choctaw and Cherokee (American Native). He is a member of the Chickasaw Tribe out of Tishomingo Oklahoma.

We are beginning the process of getting his life’s work recognized and beginning to archive documentation at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Chickasaw, Choctaw and Cherokee are the three American Indian bloodlines we have documented lineage from. However, you can only be a member of ONE tribe… We are members of the Chickasaw Tribe.

Ron and his brothers and sisters were scattered in different Indian schools throughout their childhood so were labeled from different tribes”*.

(* = literal quotations of Cynthia Adams; what is in brackets have I analogously completed according to my sentence structure.)

Ronald Anderson is a member of the Chickasaw tribe with that from Tishomingo Oklahoma.

On request of Ronald Anderson and Cynthia Adams I have typed in this in all previous contributions to R. A. correspondingly.

The fact that Ronald Anderson has still taken this step in his high age has given an idea how his identity-question must have employed him in his complete life very much!

Renate Hugel

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