Juanita Pahdopony: Current Art in Oklahoma


Juanita Pahdopony

Hello, my name is Juanita Pahdopony, and I am a life-long Comanche artist. My first memory involves looking at a famous German print of two young children crossing a rickety bridge under the protection of a beautiful angel. Surely, it was a grand beginning for things to come.

In 1990, I graduated with a M.Ed. in gifted and talented education with an emphasis on American Indian/Alaskan Native populations and my minor was Art Therapy. Later in my life, I was a faculty, then the Dean of Academic Affairs, and after my retirement, I served as an ‘interim’ President of Comanche Nation College.

Today, I’m once again retired and devote my time to others’ art, my art, and writing. H. Renate Hugel, her husband Heinz and I have been friends for decades and each of us have a love of art and sharing it. I hope you enjoy the art we select for your enjoyment.  Juanita Pahdopony

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