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Jereldine Redcorn: “The Queen of Clay”

  – Caddo – Native American Artist –

(Norman, Oklahoma, USA)

“Art Touches Art – 40” is about Jereldine Redcorn. In addition, one learns in this why the White House finds mention into this.

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Renate Hugel 

“Art Touches Art – 40”

– Jereldine Redcorn –


Jereldine Redcorn:  „Five Effigies“

Ceramic vessels, worked according to the examples of her own ancestors, the CaddoNatives of America, Bremen (Germany), 2000

Remark: Composition of the photos of the five vessels: Renate Hugel. The photo of the head vessel I have processed a little – with consent of JR.

Jereldine Redcorn: The Queen of Clay

(And: Parting of the White House)

About the request and the work of Jereldine Redcorn (JR) (Artist of American Natives, Caddo, from Norman, Oklahoma, USA) I have already written repeatedly:

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In Oklahoma we had seen JR (2001) to the common presentations and could visit her also in her home in Norman.

Here I cite a quotation of Jereldine Redcorn because it had inspired me to the contributions about her work:

“Creating Caddo pots becomes a journey with my ancestors. I use the tools, materials and firing methods as close to what, I believe, the old Caddos would have used 500 years ago. The earthenware created truly comes from e –nah – wah – dut, the mother earth.” (Jereldine Redcorn)

The photo below, I had taken 2001 during a celebration event with presentations on the area of the Rose State College in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, USA):


I appreciate at this photo that the mathematics teacher J. Redcorn shows herself obliged to her rationality in the condition of attentiveness and concentration there. At the same time, her traditional garment points (together with the traditional jewelry) that (beyond the scientific intellect) closeness to her ancestors belongs to her personality!

By her work, reconstructing the ceramics of her ancestors like also the required production techniques, she succeeded a resurrection of the historical vessels! And this earned her the following title:

“The Queen of Clay“


This, her reputation, had spread apparently over Oklahoma’s limits! It was about eight years ago when JR had totally been out of her mind! – The reason for it?

Former President Obama and his wife Michelle at that time had collected works of art for their new home, the White House, short time after his assumption of office’s post!

One of Jereldine Recorn’s Caddo vessels had belonged to this art collection!

In the meantime (in January 2017), the family Obama has left this domicile again – as known to everyone. Joined in moving had all the works of art – then had been selected with love – and thus also the ceramic vessel of JR

Even today, I know quite exactly how overjoyed Jereldine Redcorn had been about this: To be represented in the White House with a work of her own, this she had felt as recognition on eye-level – not only for herself but for all American Natives!

Exactly this openness towards all people and all forms of art of Barack Obama is worth to me receiving a special mention!

Renate Hugel

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Renate Hugel