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Why had been there no more new articles for a long time?

“Renate Hugel-Selfy”, 2017


Our life has fundamentally changed!

 Heinz (Hugel) had had a heavy fall at home, with the result: Thigh-neck-fracture!

Due to his 81 years, it had been a risk operation which had become necessary. It is really astonishing how fast the movement ability fails and has, in the consequence, a long way ahead in order to be able to leave the wheelchair again.…

I would like to apologize that I have not called so long. Today, I have been able to collect my thoughts for the first time at leisure again.

Heinz’s condition lets suggest a laborious way still. Therefore, I cannot name a firm appointment when I will be able to continue writing.

But, I will continue writing – although possibly very, very slowly.…

Renate Hugel

Heinz Hugel, in the wheelchair

Heinz Hugel, again in the hospital