Today, I Report back!

Selfie: Renate Hugel, June 2018

Topics of this contribution are:

– Today, I report back!

– For the death of my husband

–  On the checking the files.…

– Review of two works of art of hh:

– So it will go on in the near future

Today, I Report back!

I have had planned an update for a long time.

Since I, besides the care for my husband, I only could spare very little time, I did not afterwards come with the update:

The state of health of my husband, Heinz Hugel, had always changed faster than I could write (in the brevity of the time)!  

 Therefore, what I wanted to write had always been overtaken of a new stage!

What shall I say?

 Now, it does not go on any more…

 Heinz Hugel has died on May 10th, 2018.

For the death of my husband:

Photo: Andreas Hugel, 2002

Heinz Hugel: 30th 05. 1936  –  10th 05. 2018

Photo: Renate Hugel, May 2018

“Keeping Death-Guard Silently”

 Ceramic sculpture: heinz hugel: „male torso“, 2005

Photo: Renate Hugel, 2018

“In this moment, do not shudder in face of the blue shining…

 This is the highest inner gleam (of purely recognizing)”

Quotation: “The Tibetan Death book” (the oldest translation into the German language),

p. 327

Selfie: Renate Hugel, May 2018

Renate Hugel: Mourning Demands Working…

Renate Hugel: “Mourning Requires Walking Through …”

 Indian ink, watercolor painting-colors, permanent Marker,

June 2018

On the checking the files.…

While checking the files of my husband (hh), I have recently found two photos which I still would like to show here:

 The first photo shows a sculpture, which must have arisen approximately at the time from 1985 to 1990. hh called it “the female dancer”.

(At that time – approximately since 1985 -, hh had started with working unite prototypes in clay and then, making of each of this a negative – form from plaster. Of each new sculpture, he did make such a form of plaster and from this three copies, varying in the surface design and, or in the choice of the clay.)

Though, the photo here does not have the function to present this sculpture. hh, rather had arranged this ambiance in which the “female dancer” is playing the leading role. This must approximately have been in the year 1998.  rh




Heinz Hugel: “female dancer”
Ceramic (approx. arisen from 1985 to1990)
 “female dancer with skull”
Arrangement + Photo: Heinz Hugel, approx. 1998 

The figure radiates energy and drive, in the midst of a scene consisting of various things which had used to inspire heinz hugel as an artist.

The full to bursting life would like to get realized despite many adversities: The dancer is stuck and does not get on!

Besides this hindering, the two skulls are standing out, which hh had put to feet of the “female dancer”, apparently unable to move.

Therefore, to associate the factor “transitoriness and confrontation with the death” is intention!

This is one of the statements of this photo-arrangement!   rh

On the two next photos, the sculpture “metamorphosis” is to be seen.


heinz hugel: „metamorphosis“
Sculpture of wood, ceramic, metal pillars and metal base
h = 140 cm, 2003


The sculpture consists in the lower part of the torso of a tree-trunk. This one had been remained merely half, had got hollowed out, adapted to the outer curve of the wood and colored by hh. Above, the upper part of the body, with indicated head, seems to be floating (held however, with two metal pillars).

An ease therefore contrasts with the heaviness of the torso.

The torso pausing in the heaviness has something defining in its dimension.

But the consciousness would like to shell out the sensitive, soft core!

hh had worked the bust of white clay, mainly smoothed, however letting partial roughly.

He is showing here therefore a transition process, just a metamorphosis!

The represented person is headed by the consciousness.

The attention is devoted to the higher spheres! And, the bowl which stands for “head” somehow reminds of a satellite – bowl!

The person is adapted for “reception”! …

The first photo, heinz hugel has taken in the gallery “Haus am Wasser” (house at the water) in Bremen during an exhibition of works of hh in 2004.

The second one is another version of the photo hh had processed later.

The subject “metamorphosis”,hh had extracted there and processed in this manner that the corporeal of the bust in the upper part of the sculpture does not take effect any more.    

 The provider of the consciousness (in the upper part) seems to have overcome the corporeality – while “the heaviness” seems to be left to the earth! …

 Meantime, on an old exhibition-work-list written by hh, I have found details for this sculpture. I could take from it that the wood-torso is out of poplar wood.

Particularly interesting I think that hh had offered a second title-version:

“metamorphosis …meta-amorphous…pose”

heinz hugel loved the pun and the game with several meaning-levels!

This comes excellently to the expression in this title-variant:

The second photo-version (revised) could be fit for this title.

hh provides a reference to the, to itself, formless (amorphous) of the represented abdomen (of the hip downward). Tree-torso, how also legs and male genitals, can be associated. The upper part of the body, worked out in detail and seeming to float (on the second photo), can merely be suspected by the contours and looks like rising to an suspected meta-level!     rh

These are a couple of aphorisms of me for the sculpture “metamorphosis” and for the photo-arrangement of heinz hugel!

To both, I could write my long interpretations!

For this cause I prefer to leave it at my short explanations today.   rh

So it will go on in the near future

So it will go on – in slow speed – in the near future:

 To the memory of Heinz Hugel, I will present a composition of some of his works of art. It will be a crosscut therefore around examples of his starting time as an artist up to examples of his last work (before a partial dementia illness had happened).

 After having done this presentation I would like to start with a new category:

 I will respectively sporadically introduce a work of art of Heinz Hugel and write an interpretation to this.

 Having started with this, I plan, in parallel, to continue writing on my blog under „Art Touches Art“– like already before –  to the art of American Natives  (in connection with our project “Art Touches Art” of  2000 and 2001)

Renate Hugel

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