Examples of his works of art: Update to heinz hugel

Remark for the titles of the works shown:

Already in the years of 1970, 1980, heinz hugel had himself decided for the use of small initial letters. Today, nobody else stumbles over it. The use of small initial letters had got socially acceptable by then. Thank the “digital world”! rh

“female torso”, ceramic, 1998

“lyric poetry on ceramic”, ceramic plate with applications, 2003 – Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“embrace”, ceramic; element from the installation “checkmated”, 1998

“globetrotters”, wood thick board, partly iron, steel base formed like a pyramid, 1999

Created with Nokia Smart Cam “bowl with sphere”, ceramic, raku-fire, 2005

“sheep”, ceramic (raku) on marble plate, from the series “flint”, 2006

“hartz IV”*, oil on canvas, 80 cm x 100 cm, 1985

* “HartzIV” is the expression for a kind of unemployment benefit and is intended for guaranteeing the so-called basic needs for life. (Quite roughly explained) rh

Remark: In 1985, hh had given the title “workshop” to this oil painting: At that time, young people had for the first time been courageously enough to risk an existence of their own and to rent      empty stores or halls. This one, which nowadays is not any more something special, had been new at that time! These young independent working people had an inspiring mind and the courage to venture something. This atmosphere, hh had brought to expression by the poetic coloration – next to the broken window panes –.  The fact that the whole had hidden in itself a certain risk, hh had pointed out with the indicated game of chess. In 2008, heinz hugel had had a great individual exhibition with the title „Arcades” in the service center “Wagenfeld”. At this occasion, he had got the idea to give the picture a new title, namely “hartz IV”, spontaneously!  I think that he had wanted    then to express how many of these people anyway had failed and could not manage to exist with their independent work; and meanwhile, this fact had led to a dependence of “hartz IV”.

“our world on cruches”, ceramic on wood plate, colored taken,
35x35x49 cm, approx. 1998

“female torso”, from the series “one form and its variation breadth”, ceramic, raku-fire, h = 27 cm, 1984
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“portrait”, ceramic on drainage pipe, raku-fire, 2007; Remark: Originally hh had made the form for this face (2007) for the ceramic sculpture “tolerance”. Here: A game with the facial expression. Renate Hugel

“crane”, digital photo, 40×60 cm, 2007; Remark: This photo is based on an outline of a small format from earlier time(approx. 1980). rh

Scene from “all theater“, 2008: “spie(l)gelungen“*…installation:
package cardboard with various applications on wood base, 30 x
40 x 26 cm.

Here: Part from the installation; digital work of art

Remark-*: The German title contains a pun: “spie(l)gelungen“… Inserting the letter “l” in brackets, two versions can be read: “Reflections” and “game turned out well “. hh refers to the self-     conception of theater itself with that: The real concern of it is to reflect behaviors of people. If this has been reached, then the game is excellent… rh

“artist book, opened, behind glass”, 15×38 cm, or 5×76 cm, opened, approx. 1992

Created with Nokia Smart Cam“impression of the workshop from heinz hugel”: June 2017

“landscape with the rivulet wümme”, hh, etching, 1976

„portrait-photo of heinz hugel“, 2012

Renate Hugel

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