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Heinz Hugel, (30. 05. 1936 – 10. 05. 2018): „The Locked Paradise“ (1994)

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The Locked Paradise

When I had entered the workshop of heinz hugel (hh) on this day, I would have stumbled almost over numerous, in piles layered black plates! Behind this my husband had sat on a chair, holding one of these plates in his hand.…

He told me that he could collect these slate-plates just from the neighborhood. One had asked him whether he could begin something with this old house wall covering.…

He had immediately accepted!

While he had sat there so, deepened in thoughts, and, at the same time had let take effect on himself the surfaces of the plates, there it had happened:

Inwardly, he had been touched deeply of the child scribbles which are to be seen on the lower half of those slate-plates.

To this, one must know that the former house wall paneling had been fixed in that way that the slate-plates had overlapped themselves. The upper part of a plate had been covered by the plate being over it up to the half while the lower half of a slate-plate had been able to be seen – and so on. And therefore, child-scribbles are to be seen on the lower half of all slate-plates!

The spontaneity of the child-scribbling-traces had not let him off any more! And so he had raised it to the topic of his work with this new material.…

In this meaning numerous slate-panel-works had come into being in the course of the time. I have chosen an example at which the request of hh based on the booster detonation described above considerably comes to the expression:

“The Locked Paradise” is a work from the year 1994. The upper part of the slate-plate is bearer of a wood-plate-rest. On this, a find-piece is fixed with partial weathered red lacquered color. The slate-plates show all traces of the former use: Holes, how those of the fastening in the upper area on the right as also on the left, there is to be seen how in this example the nailing at the building had served. In principle, hh had left the lower area of a slate free so that the child scribbles take effect and they become part of the work of art.

He had used frequently to communicate with the child scribbles by having added “unreadable handwriting-fragments” himself. This had been his concern – opposite the observer – to look for the conversation, to come into exchange of ideas.

With that, he had raised the spontaneous gestures of the children to a work of art of same value.

On the slate-plate selected by me above there is no “unreadable handwriting-fragment” of hh, what is part of the statement of this work!

In the characteristic of himself, in his quite personal way hh had held the conversation at the “action level” and had set opposite to his acting spontaneity the spontaneity of the child scribbles. “Acting in such a way” causes an immediate relation to the material, to the matter and with the body energy of its own. The observer, if letting himself, herself in on the “radiation” of the collage, the wood element, then, this process can be felt clearly!

That wood element absolutely has a special radiation with flair of rotting, of being frayed as also being nailed! And then, there is this red resplendent color-object, stuck on the wood surface looking like a sign or like a message! This may consist in this that the association “bitten apple” imposes itself.…

The locked paradise has separated all of us from the condition of the liberal unconcerned behavior by having got a consciousness about our awareness.…

 Renate Hugel

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