Stories – Told at the Fire

At first everything started with an exhibition in a tepee on the school playground of the “School at the Landskronastraße”. The teacher Joachim Burkhardt has purchased this original tepee for the pupils at his school. There the children have opportunity to play in it during the breaks. With that Mr. Burkhardt has created a possibility for himself, to organize an additional supply according to “Experience Education” while teaching units to the “Indian topic”. The name of this additional event is: “Stories – Told at the Fire”. One day Mr. Burkhardt came toward me and revealed his request to me. At first I have enquired my mail-contacts whether somebody would send me legends or stories from their own Indian past or even present. I was overjoyed that I have mainly received words of encouragement! Mr Burkhardt finally still had won his friend Jochen Richter over for the project. (Mr. Richter sells original tepees; in addition he is interested in Indian rituals.) In which way this idea is put into effect, you can look this up on this path.                             Renate Hugel     

72_5x24_portraits_ 001Persons Involved (in Bremen, Germany / from left to right): Joachim Burkhardt (teacher): Idea + organisation,  Jochen Richter: Indian ceremonies, Renate Hugel: Indian stories or legends, transmitted from Oklahoma or Michigan, Last but not least: The original tepee as well as many pupils with very much interest!

72_4x14_Sh_Ke_Ca_Be_ 001Persons involved up till now (in Oklahoma / Michigan, USA / from left to right): Sherman Chaddlesone, Kelly Church, Carol Whitney, Bear Lamontt