Art-Reviews – in Memory of heinz hugel

Heinz Hugel: 30th  May 1936 – 10th May 2018

  – Artist from Bremen (Germany)

Here, I want “respectively sporadically introduce a work of art of Heinz Hugel and write an interpretation to this”. (See to this on HOME my announcement under “Today, I report back!” on HOME from the 03rd of July 2018, and then further for the 5th title: “So it will go on in the near future” from the 03rd of July 2018)                                          Renate Hugel (rh)

heinz hugel:

 <I put together but leave open, arranging clearances –

and the observer – through his sight –

in turn creates a new chance of the things…>

heinz hugel

With this credo, Heinz Hugel (hh) describes his fundamental attitude which is inherent in his artistic actions in all fields.…                                                                                                                      rh

My planned interpretations seem to it to contradict!

Therefore I would like to make my intention clear here once:

This is my position: I find words and formulations for my view on the respective work of art of hh. However, I do not want to make my interpretation out to be an only position, under no circumstances! Therefore, I leave open in turn – according to the spirit of hh – what the observer/reader would like to take for himself…

May be, my written down position also challenges a respectively attitude of its own among the observers or readers, however.…

In this place I must emphasize in addition that I feel encouraged in my described attitude by my husband himself: Always, when I had written interpretations or had made a speech to openings, he had used to feel “totally understood”. This has given me the certainty that my position which comes in my texts to the expression would surely be of hh‘s acceptance.…

Renate Hugel