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Some thought-presents which are addressed to Sherman follow here:


Thought-Present from Dörte Hoedoro:

Dörte Hoedoro has seen your work of arts, Sherman, in the year 2009 for the first time. This was in the town hall of Wildeshausen in the great exhibition. She has encountered your work in the “Studiohaus Grambke” (Bremen) once again later. Within the last weeks Dörte could be inspired by your oil painting “I Follow in The Path of Eagles” to a poem. This poem she dedicates to you, Sherman:

72_Sherm_IFollow_ 006_3      72_Cut-Flying_002

Sherman Chaddlesone:“I Follow In the Path of Eagles”

Thought-Present from Heinz and Renate Hugel:

This photo which had been published in a newspaper* in 2011 is part of a report on the exhibition in the Studiohaus Grambke, Bremen. You already know this photo. It shows your oil painting “I Follow in The Path of Eagles” and one artwork of each of us (Heinz and me) like also a photo of both of us. This picture assembly does not only remind Heinz and me of the exhibition of 2011 but of more: To moments of the cooperation with you, Sherman.

72_BLV_img603        72A_BLV_img603                                               * Article from the 15th of Juni 2011 in the BLV, Bremen (Germany): “Exhibition: Art connects”

Heinz remembers the teamwork on the “block-pictures” (see “Art touches Art”, contribution “Team – Work”). Heinz had used to form “block-pictures” at that time. He carried his idea into the group: everybody had painted a contribution, made a collage or printed. At the end all areas of the wood block had been worked out and the wood object had become a common work of art… Heinz remembers that the action had led to a productive action painting and casual contributions decorated the wood in the result. With you, Sherman, this was your hand imprint which (with a wink) “represented your signature”.…

72_APostHand_ 001

Renate: My own memory of cooperation refers to your helpfulness and is not behind yet for a long time at all: In 2011 a teacher (Mr. Burkhardt) had spoken to me and told which idea is on his mind. Some time ago, he had bought an original teepee which is standing now on the school playground of the school which he works on. “Stories, Told at the Fire” he called his idea. With this additional supply for the children he wanted to offer them the possibility of learning something about other “realities” apart from their own experiences. I did let myself in for this experiment and had reported of it to you (by mail). You were immediately enthusiastic and have put a documentary report for me together with a topic-related pressure done by you on your homepage so that I could download everything. As I will report in detail later under the category “Stories, Told at the Fire”, you had mentioned facts which interested me very much. You immediately agreed and have carried out additions with further details. I have prepared a text in a child-oriented language and integrated the legend from this. I am conscious that this was an enormous mark of confidence! I will put in this text soon under “Stories, Told at the Fire”. And hereby I thank you for this fantastic cooperation! (Joachim Burkhardt follows this gratitude!)  – – – Renate Hugel